About EAD

Contemporary societies, models of development in course and the resultant problems of this processes, with particular prominence for environmental disasters, justify the meditation facing the desirable sustainability. In this context, the Second International Congress “Education, Environment and Development” (II CIEAD) aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Discuss and disseminate methodologies and scientific studies related to the proposed themes;
  • Present and reflect on relevant practices from the perspective of the sustainability of contemporary societies;
  • Promote cooperation between public and private entities in the definition of new models of development and minimization of environmental desasters;
  • Raise awareness and encourage all actors (central powers, regional and local economic actors, NGOs, teachers, students and the general population) for thematic analysis and their relevance in strategic, economic, social and environmental.

Teachers, researchers, students, technical staff and community

General Themes
Education, Environment and Development

Tourism and sustainability
Water resources
Participation, inclusion and citizenship
Environmental education
Development and sustainability
Heritage and Identity

Working languages
Portuguese, english and spanish